Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG

Coarse particle flotation

  • Expansion of a copper concentrator, including a CPF and regrind circuit, as per the flowsheet.

  • The reduction in grinding power that is allowed by a coarser grind size can be used to reduce the overall power consumed at the same throughput, or it can be used to increase the mill throughput at the same level of power.

  • Swiss Tower mills can be configurated in open circuit for the CPF concentrate regrind duty, this circuit can be configured in open circuit, as shown in the process flowsheet.  Swiss Tower mills are ideally suited for reducing fines because of their multi-compartment design and the selective grinding feature allowing operation in open circuit.

  • The combination of coarsening the grind and selecting grinding technologies that produce less fines will improve the loss of fine material by conventional flotation.

  • The sizing of the regrind mill needs to take into consideration the fines deficiency of the feed. Ideally, testwork should be performed on a sample obtained from the CPF testwork, as the concentrate contains composite particles that will likely not behave as a conventional flotation concentrate.
Installing a Coarse Particle Flotation “CPF” circuit along with concentrate regrind to debottleneck a brownfield grinding circuit by coarsening the grind size.

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