Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG


Experience the difference with our service team that prioritizes your success. We pride ourselves on being more than just a technology and equipment supplier – we are your trusted partner. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we provide customized solutions, reliable products, and effective services to help meet your targets. By choosing us, you gain a competitive edge, benefiting from our extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a team that is dedicated to helping you maximize your processing operations’ potential.

From the moment your operation begins until its end-of-life, we are committed to being part of your critical support team.

What we offer

Extensive Experience and Knowledge
As the original equipment manufacturer, we possess unmatched experience and understanding of our equipment. With over 10 years of operation and 40+ operating installations worldwide, we have encountered and overcome many operational challenges.

Equipment Reliability and Performance
Our services are designed to enhance equipment reliability, improve grinding performance, and achieve better recoveries. We focus on maximizing machine availability and reducing the cost of operation and spare parts.

Comprehensive Support
We offer technical advice, spare parts, upgrades, training, inspection and reporting, remote monitoring, root cause analysis, computational engineering, and more. Our services cover every aspect of optimizing your mill’s operation.

Fast Responses, Reliable Service
We prioritize fast response times and accurate technical help, ensuring your operations stay on track. We understand the critical nature of plant performance and availability, and act accordingly.

Addressing Technical Problems
Our expertise allows us to address a wide range of technical challenges, including component failures, wear performance, final product size control, media performance, control optimisation and engineered solutions.

Key Benefits

Equipment Reliability
Enhance the reliability of your grinding mills.

Grinding Performance
Improve the efficiency and performance of your mills.

Increased Recoveries
Achieve better recoveries in your operations.

Machine Availability
Maximize the availability of your equipment.

Cost Optimization
Reduce the cost of operation and spare parts.