Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG

About Us

Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG is an innovative mid-size Swiss engineering company with a vision to revolutionise and continuously improve grinding in the base and precious metals mineral processing industry. Driven by this vision, STM has applied and optimised a novel technology from the soft mineral industry to the base and precious metals industry, the result is unparalleled grinding performance, a step change from a sector yet to see significant advancements from traditional horizontal milling. Today, STM stands at the forefront of innovation, specializing in the development of fine, ultra-fine and coarse grinding mill equipment and auxiliary systems.

Our vertical mill technology has a rich legacy of over 50 years in industry, over 200 fine and ultrafine mills now operating, boasting a remarkable total installed capacity of over 300 MW. Our largest available installed power is 12.5MW, significantly greater than any competing product, solidifying our position as industry pioneers. The VPMmill™ coarse application grinding mills aim to replace balls mills in future process designs.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation attracted a strategic partnership with Outotec, now Metso, the worlds largest end to end solutions provider for aggregates, minerals, and metals, to provide fine and ultra fine grinding solutions to complement their primary and secondary horizontal mill range. This collaboration has driven us to continuously expand and develop our grinding technology and effectively market our equipment and services. In more recent times STM has a strategic partnership with Weir Minerals, who have recognized the performance of our vertical mills in combination with High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) mills. 

With a growing number of regional support offices, and in country expertise, our comprehensive services encompass everything from consultation, lab work, engineering, quality production, safe on-site installation, to valuable lifecycle support. 

At Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG, our passion for progress and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions drive us forward. We continue to shape the future of the grinding in the minerals industry, offering a synergy of expertise, technology, and customer-centric support that sets us apart as the industry’s foremost equipment suppliers.

Vertical Power Mills Technology AG is a company of Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG