Inspection and Advisory Services

Optimize your grinding mill operation with our comprehensive inspection and advisory services. Our experienced professionals will conduct thorough assessments of your equipment and provide expert guidance on optimizing its performance. You’ll receive detailed reports and valuable improvement ideas to enhance your mill’s efficiency, increase throughput, and reduce maintenance costs.

STM’s vertical stirred mills are high performance, high value add equipment to any process plant. Any breakdown, or premature shutdown can result in increased repair costs and losses in production. It is vital to regularly inspect the equipment, assess the spare parts inventory, and monitor the operation performance from a grinding and wear part perspective to get the best value and lowest costs out of the grinding mill. 

STM has a range of services designed and proven to make customers lives easier utilising the expertise formed from decades of experience and performance benchmarking against the wider install base of vertical stirred mills to quickly and effectively perfect VRMmill™ and VPMmill™ operation and maintenance. 

Inspections can be combined and customised to create the perfect solution for your operation. 

Our Inspection and advisory services:

Technical Analysis 1 (TA1) – Inspection & Report:  

  • A routine equipment walkaround, visually inspecting all accessible parts of the mill and its ancillary components 
  • Overview of general operating conditions and sensor values 
  • This inspection can be completed with the mill running and is recommended to be completed four times per year 
  • A report details all recommendations and future inspections, catch potential problems before they cause breakdowns or permanent damage 

Technical Analysis 2 (TA2) – Inspection & Report:

  • Including TA1 inspection 
  • A thorough, detailed inspection of all mill components and ancillary systems, including internal inspection of gearbox, motor, and other key components. 
  • Overview of general operating and startup conditions and sensor values. 
  • This inspection requires the mill to be stopped, and can be completed during a shaft changeout. 
  • A report details all recommendations and future inspections, catch potential problems before they cause breakdowns or permanent damage 

Grinding Chamber Inspection 1 

  • A visual inspection of the grinding mill internal wear parts using a borescope 
  • Media sampling and assessment 
  • Where practical, this inspection is combined with the TA1 inspection. 
  • A report detailing findings and recommendations 

Grinding Chamber inspection 2 

  • A comprehensive inspection and measurement of the grinding mill internal wear parts during a complete stop and opening of the mill shell 
  • Media sampling and assessment 
  • This inspection can be completed at any shaft or liner changeout, or during the TA2 inspection 
  • A report on wear results with historical trends for future performance and operational management. 

Spare part inventory audit 

  • A comprehensive overview of the mill performance with respect to spare parts consumption and availability. 
  • Comprehensive spare parts recommendations for stock holding based on customer risk management and budget, component cost, criticality and lead time to minimise breakdown and production losses. 

Process and Operation Audit & Advisory 

  • Our industry experts review your historical operational data and service reports to maximise grinding efficiency, wear part performance, mineral recoveries and service intervals. 
  • Our detailed reports provide carefully considered recommendations and incremental steps to achieve your targets. 

Customised inspections and reporting 

We can customise a detailed inspection and reporting package, tailored for your specific needs and goals. A combination of the above inspections, or something new and specific to meet the performance and cost targets of your plant