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STM Global Network

Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG is headquartered in Baden, Switzerland and forms the centre of all global operations and support. The STM head office is the centre of expertise and provides the support to its regional teams as needed. With direct access to the research and development, engineering, process expertise, and our manufacturing centre, this hub has the broadest knowledge base to provide the best support for technical advice and spare parts management. 

To ensure we achieve the best and fastest regional support, STM has expanded into additional business entities. These centres continue to grow to provide both equipment sales and aftermarket support.  

In addition to the STM regional offices, a carefully selected number of regional personnel and agents help strengthen the foundation of customer service. They are available for your equipment, service, process and technical support needs. Being local means fast support, local language, parallel time zones and the ability to travel to your operations quickly and efficiently.  

Through our network of manufacturing partners and service personnel, we can react quickly to any service or maintenance call needed. Our friendly team strives to achieve fast responses and technical excellence. 

You can be assured that STM provides the support your operation needs as expected of a tier 1 company.

Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG Switzerland
(Head Office)

  • Equipment Sales
  • Service Sales and Support
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Process Support
  • QA/QC
  • R&D
  • HR, Legal & Accounting

Managing Director Swiss Tower Mills Minerals AG
Ralf Hesemann

Regional Equipment Sales Contacts
Ralf Hesemann (Africa)
Michael Moser (North America & Europe)
Per Thorn (Latin America)
Evgeny Zhmarin (CIS & Middle East)

Global Service Sales and Support
Manuel Walker

Swiss Tower Mills Minerals Australia Pty Ltd

  • Equipment Sales
  • Service Sales and Support
  • Process support
  • R&D

Director STM Australia
Slavko Planinic

Sales Contact Asia Pacific
Andres Paz

Service Contact Asia Pacific
David Ziegler

Swiss Tower Mills Minerals Chile SpA

  • Equipment Sales
  • Service Sales and Support
  • R&D

Director STM Chile SpA
Patricio Huencho

Sales Contact Latin America
Patricio Huencho

Service Contact Latin America
Alejandro Tapia


  • Process Support
  • R&D

Sales and process Support America’s
Fisher Wang


Equipment Sales Agent (Uzbekistan / Kyrgystan / Kazakhstan)
Rail Fatkullin


  • Equipment Sales
  • Service Sales and Support

Sales Contact Brazil
Alvaro Brandao

South Africa

  • Service Sales and Support
  • R&D

Service Contact Africa
Danie Van Wyk